Being situated on the Northern Beaches we are subject to various differingstyles and roofing trends that shape the building industry.

Luckily at CLAD we have you covered across a multitude of roofing products that include zinc, copper, colorbond, galvanised Z600 steel & aluminium.

When it comes to designing some of the more intricate and difficult heritage work, you need specialists with the right staff and expertise.At CLAD Roofing Supplies we have years and years of experience and expertise in the field. The combination of the depth of knowledge and quality of staff can ensure to carry out even the most challenging constructions.


Metal Roofing has always been a popular trend in the construction industry
mainly due to the ability to perform better in all types of weather conditions
from being able to shed rain and snow, to withstand high winds.

We are able to manufacture a wide variety of custom works, and also
stock the more basic and standard products.

    Our team at CLAD offer high standard,reliable service and qualityin the manufacture ofroofing and cladding materials. With friendly staff ready to assist with your order, you can rely on us to guide you through the process, and how best to achieve the custom results you need for the dream project in mind.

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