Sheet Metal Cladding

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Sheet Metal

Contact Us to order your preferred rainwater heads or to have a discussion on the various options we have. 


A rainwater head that serves its purpose well is something that is both pleasing to look at and at the same time leads water towards its supposed outlet. Copper rainwater heads and other materials are all available from Clad Roofing Supplies. You can easily scroll around and Shop from our website for all roofing sheets and rainwater heads. We can have it measured for you and arranged for when you need it.

Metal roof cladding sheets sold in hardware and construction supplies shops are normally roll formed and only made to suit a range of building requirements. Clad Roofing Supplies can source or manuractor most metal sheet sheet profiles to suit all of your specific needs. Contact Us to find out more and arrange to have your cladding materials prepared for you. 

Sheet Metal Cladding Types

Clad Roofing Supplies offer many different sizes, colours and designs of metal sheet cladding. Here are some of the options we have available. 


Cassette cladding offers a modern and sleek appearance while being easy to install and being extremely versatile.


Snaplock cladding is a form of cladding that is available in different variations, all with super-quick installation times due to the easy to install snaplock structure.


Flatlock cladding panels are longer than typical cladding panels and provide an even more elegant and sleek take on traditional cladding panels.


Shingles are a form of cladding where different panels are overlapped to create texture. This is where they differ from most traditional cladding panels which give a flat look. 

Standing Seam

Standing seam panels are one of the most common types of cladding for homes. It involves two panels that are locked together with the seams on the outside as a textural element.

Check our website or give us a call to see if we have the Sheet metal cladding you’re after. We have a huge range and there is no doubt we can get you what you need. If you need assistance or guidance in making the decision, feel free to call us and chat with our friendly team today.