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Custom Lead Flashing

Custom Orders: Lead Flashing

Our highly experienced lead roofing team at CLAD are rapidly becoming Sydney’s trusted custom lead roof experts. The dedicated lead workers are all traditionally trained in the dying art of lead roofing. Generations have passed down the knowledge of this classic roofing technique. The team have a combined roofing experience of over 20 years passed from generation to generation of family members.

Cost Effective

We offer a cost effective, long lasting lead roofing solutions including, new lead roofs, lead flashings, lead box gutters, lead roll top ridge and all other aspects at competitive rates.

First Class

Lead roofs and flashing have added prestige to buildings for centuries and still add a touch of first class roofing that no modern material can.

Why choose Lead as a roofing product?

  • Cost effective: Lead is more cost effective over a long period than any other man-made material
  • Longevity: Lead has proven to last over 100 years. No man-made product comes close to this life-span
  • Environmentally friendly

Much of today’s lead has already been used before. Because of its low boiling point, it makes it easy to be molten down and reformed into new milled rolls. Independent studies have shown that lead causes less damage to the environment than its modern day man-made alternatives.