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You Need Help
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I’ve identified as a lesbian for a few years now, and this also identification makes me personally delighted. Centering my entire life and interest and electricity and focus around women many NB individuals makes me delighted. But… I made with certainly one of my closest male friends whilst drunk, and once again whilst sober, therefore’ve talked-about it and made a decision to pursue a friends with advantages scenario. So now i’m accountable and like Im betraying lesbiankind by continuing to allow men and women know me as a lesbian… but I believe silly calling myself or considering “being released once again” as bi as it is really merely this option man; I am not into “men,” i am into females (plus some NB folks) and him, and that’s it. Was I betraying everyone? In the morning we becoming biphobic or lesbophobic or something more?


Let’s put aside for a while the question of whether you are becoming “biphobic or lesbophobic or something else” or whether you’re “betraying everyone” — i am aware your own concerns about becoming responsible and sincere in terms of the larger society, and it can be very difficult to navigate the interior authentic connection with a situation while taking a look at it through the lens of everything you imagine it is going to mean for others. Therefore we’ll go back to that in somewhat! But until then make an effort to let go of thinking everything “owe” anyone and why don’t we look at the insights.

The thing I’m reading you state is that you desire to hold determining as a lesbian despite hooking up with this guy, and you are wanting to know whether that is something you really have permission to-do. Nobody is able to really provide or revoke permission to do that, although i shall state (and you are clearly aware of this, which explains why you’re asking) that selecting to not rest with men is usually fully understood to be rather fundamental to being a lesbian. On top of that, certainly there are women who have gone on to have interactions with males, such as extremely severe types and/or marriages, and persisted to spot as lesbians. EJ Levy
blogged this regarding it
in 2014; the woman main tenet appears much like yours:

I understand lots of individuals who determine as bisexual; I am not saying. The expression just doesn’t implement. I’m not, as a rule, interested in males. I just fell so in love with this individual and didn’t keep their gender against him. That will not transform as a result of our vows, any longer than my eye color will. My personal fundamental coordinates are unaltered.

Wear The Sound additionally
went this part
from a previously-identified dyke just who I think afterwards began identifying as queer. She writes:

“i am nonetheless queer. Nothing about me personally has truly changed. The majority of my buddies are queer, we nevertheless relocate queer spaces and go to queer events. Nevertheless major reasons we frequented queer places before had been to travel for times or even feel safe revealing passion for my lover.”

I’m sure women who have acquired connections with others of different sexes including males and exactly who believe strongly about distinguishing as bisexual no matter what their commitment standing or gender regarding present partner because their particular identity doesn’t transform as a function of their unique interactions; I am aware women who have obtained severe relationships with guys that adamant about getting lesbians, as well as for who not being able to be out (to on their own and/or world) previously however does not invalidate their own identification. I understand a good amount of folks in a situation like Chirlane McCray, just who formerly defined as lesbians and they are today in a very label-free space and also in interactions with men. I know a number of ladies who are obvious about the proven fact that they may be attracted to guys and women but have chosen to simply big date ladies and recognize as lesbians for this reason; I understand ladies in a similar area who identify as bisexual and even though they will never date another man. In person, we defined as bisexual for a long period and briefly recognized as a lesbian because I happened to be convinced that the main reason I couldn’t make a relationship work with a guy was actually because I became homosexual and later recognized as bisexual once more and accepted that i possibly couldn’t create those particular relationships function because of men, both as a category as well as in particular, and since of existence and things. We bring this array of encounters doing admit the framework that certainly, seriously, as a residential district there is a varied assortment of interactions to men individually and also as a category, and often that matches upwards nicely with these identities and sometimes it doesn’t! And I also would definitely motivate you to definitely study and have about and check with different ladies who have and generally are navigating this and determine if absolutely any insight getting attained. However, on the other hand, we seriously don’t believe that’s where you’re going to discover your own reply to this question about “what” you “are.”

Speaking extremely bluntly, a standard working concept of bisexual is that you’re attracted to multiple sex, normally recognized as the own and various other gender/s. Plainly you are drawn to your sex, and also the undeniable fact that you desire a continuous sexual commitment with this particular guy would show you have some amount of attraction to their sex (I listen to you that you will ben’t attracted to “men” as a “group;” on top of that, this is certainly a man and you are clearly drawn to him! So there’s that. Should you say that you do not like tiramisu and get it every time you’re during that one cafe, evidence indicate you are an individual who


like tiramisu and is fussy about this.). If you do not identify making use of the tag of bisexual, even though that description suits the reality of situation, it proposes for me it’s as you have a new definition of bisexual that you are operating with at this time, one which you don’t acknowledge your self in.

I would like to look more closely at a couple of things you state here — that inside your life and identification as a lesbian you’ve been “centering my entire life and interest and energy while focusing around females and a few NB people,” also that it feels “ridiculous” to call yourself bi since you’re “…not into “men,” i am into ladies (many NB people) and him, that is certainly it.” Lightly and honestly without judgement, I’d like to ask you to consider whether you believe you might however focus your daily life around females and nonbinary people if perhaps you were bisexual, assuming you might think that’s something that bisexual feamales in standard can perform. Why or you will want to? Do you think it seems fundamentally distinct from when lesbians do this? Exactly how so? What exactly do you believe you’re attracting on or from the time you shape your own results about these some ideas? In what techniques do you suppose bisexual ladies are generally speaking interested in males as a category? Probably that you don’t think about all of them to be consistently keen on every guy actually ever, similarly, it seems like you would imagine a where to meet bisexual woman‘s appeal to guys would have to be wider than one man. What amount of guys would a woman have to be attracted to, as well as ladies and/or nonbinary individuals, earlier tends to make good sense for her becoming bisexual? How can you imagine bisexual ladies’ destination to males when compared with directly women’s destination to men? you think ones once the same, or different, whenever so just how? How can you envision bisexual women’s appeal to males getting unlike what you are having today?

You can findn’t particular answers i believe you’re designed to get to right here; i have been bisexual my lifetime, provide or take, and that I’m not sure i’ve firm answers to these concerns. I’m going to be wrestling using my difficult link to men independently and as an organization my personal life time. The thing is, though, all women will! No matter sexual direction. We all have fathers, brothers, employers, abusers, landlords, take your pick. Do not have an option about coping with guys; nothing people are special in taking part in that really broad knowledge because all of us have to call home within the heteropatriarchy. Something special, i believe, would be that many individuals — both bisexual rather than — think that navigating a dynamic with males is actually identifying and fundamental on the knowledge and identification of bisexual females whenever they don’t believe this in the same way about other teams. This manifests in really just numerous means, more than i believe is realistic to get into here, but I think it will be helpful to end for the next and consider it for the sake. I do not wanna put terms in your mouth! Nevertheless phrasing of in which you’re from brings in your thoughts countless this sort of tacit but pretty typical proven fact that while getting a lesbian is actually described by the relationship to females and womanhood, bisexuality for women is undoubtedly identified by the link to men. And I really hear you that you don’t wish to intentionally choose into a relationship with guys as friends (me neither, pal!), therefore I can easily see precisely why bisexuality would feel outlandish as a chance! I am not going to reveal my personal psychic reading of what I think your own “genuine identity” is; that isn’t a genuine thing without one can accomplish that for your needs, and you will probably discover that even for and also by your self it’s not a productive exercise. Everything I am gonna invite one carry out would be to attempt to experiment with the convinced that you can easily center and prioritize females it doesn’t matter how you determine, and push you to begin observing the ways whereby ladies in your lifetime achieve this aside from just who they truly are asleep with — also to considercarefully what some other touchpoints you really have for feminine bisexuality as an identity and knowledge outside of getting Into guys.

Coming back, at long last, to your questions relating to whether you’re “betraying” any individual — figuring out what are you doing along with you and what you need is a personal process, maybe not a burden on class. All of our community might through such for a long time — your wanting to procedure what is taking place with a fling isn’t likely to be just what delivers you down, I vow. I would personally consider, possibly, if absolutely other things during the root of those concerns together with guilt you state you think — preciselywhat are you afraid of losing? Will you feel might deserve to? Looking at the reality of the scenario and what you know about the area, are those worries practical? Any kind of possibilities which you may additionally gain something or grow in some manner by considering your identification deliberately now, wherever you get along with it, rather than just risking or shedding one thing?

First and foremost, I’m very unfortunate how bad you really feel! It’s so hard and possibly in fact impractical to have a genuine talk with your self about something using crushing stress of guilt and embarrassment drowning the rest out. You talk about your lesbian identity as something which enables you to pleased, and you also deserve to be pleased! Possibly the way in which forward is always to concentrate initial thereon, on which could make you delighted, and let the rest belong to devote it is time. If only the finest of luck!

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