Lead Roof Flashing

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Using lead sheets for roofing is a wise decision. For one, it is cost-effective and also has lower toxicity compared to other roofing materials. Meaning it is more environmentally friendly than the alternatives. Church buildings and government offices typically opt for lead roofings. This is due to the durable characteristic of the lead sheets. Lead cladding or lead roof flashing guarantees a longer life span compared to a typical metal or galvanized steel. For more benefits of lead material when roofing, Contact Ustoday.

In comparison to other roof sheets, lead has more advantages. Check out our website and shop for all of our lead products in store. Here are some of the advantages to help you in deciding if lead roofing is for you.

Lead sheets are flexible.

Lead is more flexible than other materials, so you can have it shaped specifically according to your desired form. Talk to your builders if you have special instructions with regards to your roofing details. If you opt to have lead as the main material in your structure, there is always an available stock we can prepare and have ready for you.

Lead panels may be recycled.

Lead sheets melt at a lower heat level than other materials meaning they use a lot less energy to customise and create. In addition to this, lead materials can be easily recycled and are therefore more environmentally friendly than many other options.


Lead sheets are naturally strong and durable.

Lead is also a very durable material meaning it is safe from most weather-related damages. It can withstand many extreme storms and hail, this is why it is often recommended by professionals.

Leads sheets have a longer life span.

When you invest in home improvements, you expect it to last and remain looking good for years to come. Lead panels have a lifespan of up to 50 years, meaning you can rest assured that you will not be spending money on the same improvements anytime soon.