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Custom Colorbond Roof Cladding

Custom Orders Colorbond

We work with high-quality brands and materials that are all available on our website. Excellent products such as Colorbond ensure strength, security, and longevity on your roof. It is highly convenient to have a roofing brand that offers a wide range of colour options without sacrificing quality. Contact Us for roofing consultations and we will help you decide over which of our products would suit your roofing design.

Why Choose Colorbond?

Clad Roofing Supplies has most major roofing material brands in stock and available for you. However, Colorbond steel tops the list of the most durable and highly innovative options. This is due to the following reasons

Adaptive to Australian Weather Conditions

Tried and tested to last even through the crazy Australian weather, Colorbond can stand extreme heat or cold temperatures. It can also resist heavy dust buildup without the risk of moulding and breaking in a short time. Regardless of your location, and no matter how frequent rain or wind visits your area, you can rest assured this product will last without fading or being severely damaged.

22 Colours to Choose From

When you have the freedom to choose from 22 gorgeous and unique colours, you are given the freedom to truly get what you envision.

BlueScope Warranty

To show how serious Colorbond is about giving clients quality roofing assurance, they came up with BlueScope Warranty. This is a pre-approved warranty program that builders depend on while they use and recommend Colorbond in their projects across Australia.

50 Years in Business

As a business, lasting and being continuously recommended for 50 years, speaks of the incredible quality of your product. Colorbond has been most preferred since they began serving Australia with their products. At Clad Roofing Supplies we offer custom Colorbond roofing materials to help you get the look you want. Talk to our customer service assistants over the phone and ask for information on our available Colorbond products. We have most Colorbond products in stock and available online, but if you can’t seem to find what you’re looking for then give us a call to see if we can arrange it for you. Colorbond is a well known and high quality company and we are proud to stock their products on our site. If you have any questions regarding our Colorbond products then give us a call.

Colorbond Roofing Supplier Sydney


Clad Roofing is a Northern Beaches roofing supply specialist that continues to bring our expertise, experience, and skills to every job we do.

As a leading Northern Beaches roofing specialist, we take pride in our expert construction. We’re a trusted company that has been around for more than 20 years and we make it our mission to offer the best service possible.

Clad Roofing  uses only the best materials to provide the best service. Our workmanship is guaranteed, and we back it with our business warranty. Our friendly team of experts can help you with any questions you have about your roof, no matter how big or small it might be.

With precision and quality as our main objectives, clients are guaranteed to receive the design and quality that we are committed to. We offer a wide range of roofing products and accessories with a friendly and supportive team to help you form your choice of roofing material and its installation. With Clad Roofing, you are guaranteed the most innovative solutions for all your roofing needs.

Clad Roofing Your Sydney Roofing Specialist

Does your home need a fresh look and need a new roof installed?

Getting the proper elements for your roofing and cladding project can be difficult, time-consuming, and expensive. Every single project has unique requirements that require attention to detail, and getting a quote takes time.

It’s hard enough to find a suitable roofing contractor, but it gets even harder when you need an experienced cladding expert. It’s easy to waste time, money, and opportunities when you don’t have a specialist on your side.

At Clad Roofing you can find a range of affordable, secure, and quality solutions for your roofing materials. You can choose from our wide array of products that are designed to suit the needs of all property sizes. If you are looking for Colorbond Roofing Supplies, Colorbond Cladding Supplies, or Colorbond Roof Sheets for Sale, look no further. Clad Roofing Supplies has you covered, literally. 

Clad Roofing is committed to helping professionals and homeowners alike by providing them with the means necessary to complete all their desired roofing and cladding projects at the best possible price with the highest quality possible.

Why Buy Colorbond Cladding Supplies Sydney from Clad Roofing?


As a trusted Colorbond roofing supplier in Sydney, our team is fully trained to work with the best brands for roofing in Australia. We also offer free Colorbond roofing samples so you can get a feel of the quality before purchasing.

At Clad Roofing we provide expert advice on every aspect of your cladding project, from design consultation to installation. No matter what your needs are, our friendly team will be here to help you make the right decision.

With over 30 years of experience, we have the knowledge and expertise to help you with any cladding and roofing needs. With our professional skill set, we can handle everything from design consultation through to manufacture so that you can enjoy your new Colorbond cladding Sydney-wide.

Strong recommendations from our clients keep us going as a brand. We have been trusted by many prominent names in the industry to provide them with the highest quality materials and services for their projects.

Buy Colorbond Roof Sheets Sydney


We offer premium cladding and roof sheets that last 20 years & beyond! Our Colorbond products are made from strong steel rolled on a durable elastomeric foil, which provides superior performance as well as durability over time. We guarantee your Colorbond cladding will still be perfect after 20 years of use!

Clad Roofing is indeed your one-stop shop for all your roofing and cladding needs in the Northern Beaches area. At CLAD, we make your roofing design dreams possible at an affordable price.

Our roster of services also includes custom roof cladding and roof sheet orders, emergency flashing fabrication and supply, roofing consulting advice, training service, custom lead flashing, Colorbond custom orders, and stainless steel roof requirements. We deliver Sydney-wide with a team of experts ready to answer your questions and facilitate all your roofing needs.

Our Brand Commitment


Professionalism – We’re a Sydney-based company with a professional team that you can trust.

Reliability – We’re committed to providing reliable service, no matter how large or small your project is or how quickly it needs completion.

Quality – Our clients are our number one priority — we take pride in our work and want our customers to be happy with their purchases.

A Clad Roofing home is like no other!

Call now to speak with our friendly team. We offer the best customer service and highly qualified technical staff that work around the clock to ensure all of your needs are met. You can always rely on us for professional and prompt service with no hidden fees!


We have complete control over every aspect of your project no matter what size, from how we scope and cost to how we work, behave and deliver. All our work comes with a 20 year New Roof Workmanship Guarantee!

We believe our dedicated and knowledgeable craftsmen who set the standard for workmanship along with our priority to customer service make us the right choice.