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Custom Zinc Roof Cladding

Custom Orders Zinc

Zinc roofing comes in many different styles. Clad Roofing Supplies has all sorts of custom ordered zinc products available for clients to choose from. Feel free to Shop around our online website, click a quick form, and pick the materials you prefer, colour scheme, and other details.

Zinc cladding, just like any other finishing touches, has its own set of benefits. Contact Us to get full details and specifications of your roof cladding and supply options. If you are still contemplating whether or not zinc cladding has more advantages than disadvantages, check out some of the positive points of custom zinc orders below:


Zinc is soft and malleable so it can easily be moulded to form a desired shape or structure when designing. Zinc cladding supplies may vary in form, thanks to the flexible characteristic of the element present in it.

Longer Lasting

Zinc is not prone to corrosion. Corrosive materials cause rusts which can eventually degrade the cladding sheet. However, zinc resists corrosion so it is a practical choice for building and construction projects, as it can last longer compared to other metal materials.

Environment Friendly

Zinc is a material that can be recycled, this means less waste and more ways to reuse it for future projects. It has a component that restricts fungi from developing, making your clad works immune from moulds and algae.

Weather Resistant

When applied properly, zinc can maximise its usability. This form of metal does not rust or break easily. A roofer must consider the frame and the temperature of the building space or area where it should be used. Yes, zinc is weather-resistant and can withstand a series of rain as it flows over and doesn’t stick. However, it is still important to position it in areas where it is not too exposed to the sun as continuous high temperatures can cause it to expand and stretch over time.


The most important feature of custom ordered zinc cladding is the beauty and elegance a design output can create. Since it’s easy to mould and shape according to the structure desired, the beautiful workmanship of an expert cladding worker is best highlighted with this material component in cladding sheets and panels. Homebuilders and construction development experts pick this choice over the most common cladding products because this is the easiest to cast, the fastest to manufacture, and the most flexible to use.

Clad Roofing Supplies offer a variety of Products and Services essential to construction and architecture. Materials used in our roofing and cladding projects are carefully handpicked to suit the taste of every client that comes our way. Our mission is to provide consistent beauty and quality to every customer


We have complete control over every aspect of your project no matter what size, from how we scope and cost to how we work, behave and deliver. All our work comes with a 20 year New Roof Workmanship Guarantee!

We believe our dedicated and knowledgeable craftsmen who set the standard for workmanship along with our priority to customer service make us the right choice.