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Wall Cladding

Weather changes and the irritants it brings can contribute to the deterioration and damage of a property. Homeowners typically avoid this scenario by shielding the exterior of their homes with an overlay called wall cladding. The beauty of wall cladding involves the enhancement of the external appearance and also strengthens the existing wall structure. Contact Us for external wall cladding assistance and we will happily be of service.

Different Types of Wall Cladding

Wall cladding is as simple as laying another piece of material on top of an existing exterior wall. Quick temperature changes can change the condition of the walls, so to preserve the walls best condition, wall cladding is often encouraged.

Steel Cladding

This type of wall cladding is quite easy to maintain. With regular cleaning and maintenance, this can last longer than many other types of cladding. Steel does not accumulate moisture, so dampness in any part of this wall covering should never be a problem.

Aluminum Cladding

For keeping things cold inside of your home, this is the best option available. Installation requires less work as it bends easily, so it can arch and form into whatever shape you may need. 


Shop from Clad Roofing Supplies and sort through our choices of wall cladding materials. We have a great selection of external wall overlays for you to choose from.