COLORBOND® Fascia .42bmt

COLORBOND® Fascia .42bmt




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This metal fascia provides clean lines and an intelligent alternative for all new homes. Constructed from COLORBOND® steel, it will not contort, shrink or decay. Essentially maintenance-free.

Supplied cut to your length.

Does this product suit Tiles or Metal Roofs? 

This COLORBOND® fascia is suited for tiled and metal roofs and is compatible with most of our famous gutters, including QUAD 115 & 150 Hi-Front & Lo-Front and TRIMLINE®.

What are some of the accessories I require? 

Once you have selected to purchase, you will require standard rafter brackets (SRBs). Approximately one every 700mm, to hold the fascia into position. Also, you will need spring clips and over straps to attach the guttering in place, approximately one every 900mm.

If you require these measurements to be changed to your requirements? Download customer order sheet  or email us at