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Cast Iron Downpipes

Cast Iron Downpipes are a fantastic choice for Heritage themed properties with a Victorian style exterior décor. While slightly more expensive upfront than plastic options, Cast Iron boasts exceptional longevity (lasting over 70 years!) and eco-friendliness (it’s 100% recyclable).

Choose from pre-painted black pipes delivered within days, or explore our selection of finishes and profiles, including primed and rectangular styles ideal for larger heritage style buildings.

The Cast Iron Downpipes are available in a range of finishes and profile types, including primed or pre-painted. We also sell rectangular downpipes, which can look smart on larger commercial buildings that need the guttering to seamlessly blend with the fascia.

Need a custom install? We can install downpipes in specific angles and lengths to perfectly suit your project. Installation instructions for round downpipes are available on our website.