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Emergency Roof Repair Services

Emergency Flashing Orders

Roofing structures are supposed to stand the test of weather and time. Over the years, your roof has been exposed to sunlight, wind, and rainfall. No matter how tough you think your roof is, a roofing emergency can happen and they choose no time or occasion. When an emergency arises, be sure to contact us at Clad Roofing Supplies. We have emergency manufacturers who can make flashings required to be ready for you as soon as possible.

Steps to Follow During a Roofing Emergency

Our team of experts can help you to figure out the best course of action. We can arrange with our manufacturer to have all the materials you will need ready to go as soon as we can so that you can worry less and fix the situation.

Costing Comparison and Decision-Making Points

When you give us a call about an emergency, we will be able to give you a cost estimate almost instantly. Following this, once we have all of the information on your roofing needs an exact quote can be arranged before any orders are placed. As expected, the cost of emergency roofing is slightly higher than regular roofing orders due to the small time frame everything must be done in. However, we always do our best to keep prices fair for our customers.


We are doing our best to be available throughout Sydney. Locationsmay vary but we are always available online. Let us know what you need and we can tell you almost immediately how soon you can expect your emergency order to come in.


We have complete control over every aspect of your project no matter what size, from how we scope and cost to how we work, behave and deliver. All our work comes with a 20 year New Roof Workmanship Guarantee!

We believe our dedicated and knowledgeable craftsmen who set the standard for workmanship along with our priority to customer service make us the right choice.