Barge Capping Trimdek 75mm – ZINCALUME®

Barge Capping Trimdek 75mm – ZINCALUME®



ZINCALUME® Steel Barge Capping Roof Flashing (unpainted)


Measures: 10mm x 75mm x 140mm x 30mm


What roofing profile does this Barge Roof Flashing suit?


This Barge Capping suits Trimdek® sheets or similar roofing profiles. It also used within Queensland on the Corrugated roofing (custom orb) profile.


Can I have the flashing custom made to suit my specific needs?


Flashing Tolarance: Length: + 200mm, – 0mm


If you require these measurements to be changed to your requirements? Download customer order sheet  or email us at