Polycarbonate Greca Roofing Sheets Level 1

Polycarbonate Greca Roofing Sheets Level 1




Polycarbonate Roofing is genuinely "your window to the sky."

Integral surface protection prevents UV degradation of the sheet and helps prolong its life.

The minimum fall recommended for Greca sheets is 5 degrees.

To reduce noise caused by friction due to expansion and contraction, we recommend using anti-noise tape along the top of the battens.

Please note: Opal & Smooth Cream is only available up to a maximum of 6m long.

Sheet Tolerance: Length: + 10mm, – 10mm; Make allowance for thermal expansion or contraction for long-length roofs at sheeting ends

Can I change this flashing to my requirements?

If you require these measurements to be changed to your requirements? Download customer order sheet  or email us at sales@cladnsw.com.au